Hey cscgal, is your site listed on dmoz.org?

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Oh goodness gracious - check out this thread at the resource-zone, a forum dedicated to Dmoz and run by Dmoz editors: http://www.resource-zone.com/forum/showthread.php?t=11577

At least you got in. I have some sites that have never made it...and after awhile I got tired of trying. Surprisingly though, I created a new site about 2 months ago. I was listed in dmoz in just 5 - 6 short weeks :mrgreen:

Guess it all depends on the editors for the catagory.

you lucky bastards. My category has no editor and I have been in queue a loooong time.

Have you posted in the resource-zone yet? Those guys are fantastic.

Yes, I got the standard "Your site is in the queue, please repost in 6 months"


My site isn't spammy, but I am trying to get into a hot category with no editor.

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