Hey, I created a web application based on a Browser Game (Travian) and it's been growing ever since I opened it to public 2 months ago.

I already have some 400 users and I'm getting the webpage translated into the different languages available for the game. The application is basicaly a database application for alliances where they can share their data.

The problem is that recently more and more users are complaining about not being able to access the website... however, every time I've accessed the site it's been available!

What could cause a website to be available for some and unavailable to other? Could it be dependant on geo-location or ISP? If I switch hosts, could that solve the problem?

The website is << snip >>.

Are they getting a page not found error? Does it appear to be members from a certain geo-area? Without some knowledge of the problem and if it is contained it is hard to say if a switch in host would help. Could be they are all in one location that has had connection issues, dns issues other things that would not be resolved by switching hosts.

Aparently everything is working properly know. Maybe it was just some DNS problem. The users complaining where all located in Spain. Anyway, you know what the average user complaints are like: "Your site doesn't work!".

Many times I got emails explaining specific problems that occur under specific circumstances and I've been able to solve them within 10 minutes... but when I don't get all the problem's information from the user, it's really hard to find a solution :(