Could someone share with me an outline or a proposal they have done in the past? And/or direct me to some where on the web where I may find a guide to follow and get ideas from? I have an opportunity for employment with a company and it has been a long time since Ive put together a proposal. I'm in the process of doing my homework now and want to double and triple check my efforts to make sure I'm in line with what this company is looking for. This happens to be a dream job for me and I have a passion for the industry there involved in. I had an interview in person and they love me:o. I'm there knight in armor, but now I'm at the point where the rubber meets the road and wanna make sure the email's and proposal I send to them are perfect.

A little history on myself. I had worked in marketing/sales for a company many years ago. I did a lot of very good things for this company. I have strong personal skills but feel I fall a little short when it comes to writing. I was lucky enough to have had a co working/mentor that was looking to become a speech writer someday. Where I would fall short on writing, She made me look like a hero. I'm on my own now and this may even be a good opportunity down the road for someone to pick up some free lance work? But I do need to get the job first.:)

A friend directed me to the Dani site and had nothing but wonderful things to say about the people they once chatted with on here. I'm looking for that mentor and/or someone that can hopefully assist me.

Thanks C

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What type of proposal you have been asked for presentation? I hope you can organize your thought and skill-set and write the proposal they want by comosing it nicely.
Best of luck!

I hope you found someone who could point you in the right direction. There is a huge amount of information in google-space which may also help.
My advice ( for internal project proposals):
1. Ask what the project sponsor wants - some need fully costed and justified 'books', others want a 1 page powerpoint with 5 bullet points
2. Follow the traditional 'tell them what you will tell them, tell them, tell them what you told them' layout on all but the shortest proposals.
3. Explain the business benefits, not the system features.
4. Do your research: Know why the project is needed ( so you know the business benefits you are looking for! )
5. Write using appropriate language for your audience and their audience.

I have used the above to successfully promote projects internally. There are also issues of corporate style when dealing with external companies but that is beyond my experience.

I also suggest you find yourself someone who is willing to review your work: Even if their review concludes you are better than you currently think!

Good luck with your new role.

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