Before a week I buyed "web site traffic" from Easy Traffic
from the analytic software.. I see many visitors from all around the world!

What is your website? Online store?

I had also buy traffic before, it seems only "traffic" but no revenue. I think it is because the visitor are only "click" on the ad and get paid from the traffic agent.

and yes!!
My website is Online Store

I doubt you will get targeted traffic, alternatively in my opinion adword geotargeting is much better for targeting specific niche and geographical region.

Its alrigh, but I haven t as of yet bought traffic

Try Google .. it'll deliver u real visits and definitely good ROI rather than spending on bulk fake hits =)

commented: felt like giving today +1

Agree, "targeted traffic" is more important than only "traffic"

I agree unless you are trying to get sponsored by the amount of unique views a day buying traffic is pointless go with google or yahoo. With these two you will get real customers that are intrested in your site and more likely to buy your product.

I agree with this.

I also agree :)

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