ok i know how to keep my posters once i have them
my question is where do i get some more posters
i have 26 and have been open for 4 days and we are doing well but i want a bigger active member list
i have registered on google and a few directories
but where can i find some more
any ideas welcome
i am in the middle of adding an arcade too so that will pull people in once i get then to view
thanyou in advance

Four days? Be patient. You can't expect the be popular in just four days. You're off to a fine start. Keep promoting the site and it will continue to grow.

thats it i am promoting it but want some new ideas where else
i know it can take months to be booming with active posters and as is aid i know how to keep people interested as i am good for the gab :D
i just want a whole range of people in the future and unsure where to posta n ad?

Find out where your target audience hangs out and advertise there. Targeted marketing is the key.

I think you should add some unique & interesting content and digg it to different social networking sites, it will increase traffic and new sign up as well.

I think you should add some unique & interesting content and digg it to different social networking sites, it will increase traffic and new sign up as well.

Getting on the front page of sites like Digg is or miss. Mostly miss. Something like this shouldn't be part of a marketing strategy due to its high rate of failure. It should be something your try but only because you already have the content in place.

Yea, but content plays important role and social networking sites are just an extension of reach. What is the use of good content if nobody comes and read it other than search engine value? my point is that no one can only depand on search engines.

I agree that you shouldn't depend on the search engines for traffic. That would be a poor strategy. But I also don't believe using social networking sites as a form of promotion is a good idea either. They aren't a very good source of traffic for the vast majority of websites. They should be more like an afterthought and if they pay off that's great.

I would instead say make good content because that is what attracts quality links from other websites which in turns leads to good traffic from those sites in addition to good search engine rankings that are stable due to the high quality of your links. Good content also helps with word of mouth promotion as well.

Content on a forum is a great way to generate additional page views.

However I agree that you should utilize Digg and Technorati to increase your viewership. The problem that you have right now is that no-one really knows how to find your site. Once they start finding it you will be fine.

Social bookmarking is a current fad that you can cash in on with a forum if it has adequate activity and a hook. You can't be online all the time, or maybe you can.

I have made a new approach in promoting (Well its new to me). This is what I did. I ordered custom license plate frames with my website title and address, and also bumper stickers with catchy slogans and have them on my car. Since I drive around to/from school, work, home and they are great distances apart, I have some exposures offline.

I also order custom business cars with logo and again catchy slogan, my name (no address), and my website address and give it to fellow students/classmates.

Nice idea. Do you sell advertising on your site? Does the site generate any revenue? I think that the first step to any good promotion campaign is to calculate exactly how much money is made on a new visitor to your site and a new member to your site. This way you can calculate how much you can afford to spend to draw in a new member.