Was wondering what was everyone's adsense click-through rate. One of my websites has about 1% click-through rate.
Is that good? Or do you achieve better click-through rates?

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That's pretty decent. Depending upon the sections of my site and how many ads I show per page, I end up being in the 3% range. The link directory is crazy at 8%, but I think that's because it somehow sorta mimics the look of AdWords in the right sidebar on the google search results.

The link directory is crazy at 8%.

Wow!! 8% CTR is remarkable. I wish I could be anywhere near that. :mrgreen:

Yes. But keep in mind the link directory doesn't get a large number of impressions. 1 click in 10 views is 10% after all ... Not that it's that few, but compared to the rest of DaniWeb, it might as well be.

3.86% - on my site

I dont really understand it though, i've only just started using it, it started at around 1% then at the weekend I got 11% and 16.5% which was very rewarding

3.86% - on my site

I dont really understand it though, i've only just started using it, it started at around 1% then at the weekend I got 11% and 16.5% which was very rewarding

I would be very careful if I was you. For a CTR to jump from 1% to 16.5% in a matter of a few days is a BIG red flag. Google is known to ban people from adsense on suspicions of click fraud.
If you see a big jump in CTR, you should investigate it.

Definitely agree. It might even be a good idea to email Google saying you noticed this unnatural spike and could THEY investigate it. It will make you seem less of a suspect, in their eyes.

I get about 5% most of the time.

try this out

around 1.5% for me :(

1% is about what I had when I used adsense. Of course, my first site had a huge spike (someone clicking links to try and get me more money?) which caused Google to shut it down. It took me a couple of weeks to convince them that I had nothing to do with it and get my account unfrozen.

1% CTR is good for new site. my click through rate (CTR) is about 3% and for me it is good. And I hope its continue to improve.

> someone clicking links to try and get me more money?

Sometimes competitors will do that so that you'll get banned for click fraud.

I have a question! MY CTR is 1.20% ... is ok for a blog with 1 month old and 20.000 uniques visits?

I get about 12% click through rate on my site. I used to get only 3-4%, but then I removed a conversion tool visitors were looking for, so they would click on adsense to find it.

From my experience, CTR for adsense words depends on categories and there could be vast differences between the keywords within that same categories. Usually 1-3%. In some long tail categories, I have seen CTR of 0.1%!

I personally don't think adsense is the way to go. I would rather run a private ad system and have my own algorithims and ways of deciding what ads show up where than using Google Adsense. I've seen regular users go crazy with sites that use adsense... and understandably so... some webmasters make it impossible to tell the difference between a link on their site and an adsense link... and then the popups oy!

Yes I don't like Adsense much either but there's not much out there for competition. Although there's some great performing affiliate niches out there.

For me conversions depends on the industry niche. Some topics just produce better click through rates and some don't. Anywhere from 1-12% average

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