hi every one
i am new here and this is going to be my first thread so i expect a huge response can u ppl help me in doing the following tasks of my assignment.
List any ethical, moral or legal implications of trading via e-commerce
Discuss the security implications of using e-commerce

i want a quick response

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Sorry, but we're not here to do your homework for you. Please show what you've done so far as unless you've done a decent amount of work already you're not going to get another response.

are you doing btec national by any chance?

im stuck on the same thing and have till monday to do it as its my last day

ya i am doing btec nationals

i need help with ethical, moral or legal implications of trading via e-commerce. can anyone please help me

Hey stymiee!

If u dont want to explain the topic just ignore.

we post topic here for HELP..!!

commented: Do your own homeowrk and obey the forum rules -2

And we are here to help but we're not here to do your homework for you. If you show an effort and are truly stuck on something please post here and ask for help. But don't just post your homework and expect us to do it for you. Besides being against the forum rules it is plain old rude. How do you expect to learn anything anyway if we do your work for you?

I'm stuck on the same topic probably doing the same course like you lot but i need help because im stuck on that part of the assingment. i done everything but i just need help seriously anyone got any clues about the legal implications?

I'm doing the btec national diploma for ICT practitioners.
I got this assignment on e-commerce and one of the tasks consists of listing and describing the ethical, moral and legal implications of trading by e-commerce.

Here is a site I found on the LEGAL implications.


Here is another site... with a little bit about the ETHICAL implications.


[still looking for the moral implications] :P

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