Please help. I don’t consider myself technically savvy, though I am doing my own web site and have managed it for several years. My husband helps with a lot of the questions that I have and can often figure things out when I cannot. With that said, this is what I would like to get an opinion on . I understand there are probably at least two different things to address here. I really work great by example, if someone could say. I am doing that and this is what I use, check it out. I would be thrilled.

I would like to develop an online newsletter that can be sent out regularly ( every other month to start). I already have three blogs and recently have just put a phpbb forum on the web site. I would love the newsletter to be archived instead of me having to do it each time. I thought about creating it through the phpbb forum. The next hurdle is a listserver, preferably free. Someone suggested Mailman another majordomo, though I think I would have to use macjordomo. (I’m on a mac though I am not sure that matters with Mailman as I understand, because everything is on the server). I don’t want a newsgroup where others comment on the newsletter, they can do that with the forum. I presently have an area for people to sign up for a newsletter on my website, but have not sent a newsletter out in a long time because of the time it took to do all of the unsubscribes etc. ( I know that sounds easy, but it drove me crazy. I really need something to do that for me, which is what I understand mailman will do. ) I was having regular subscriptions for the newsletter and feel that will increase once the new revised web site goes live. I am anxious to get all of the kinks worked out concerning this as I have been hired to write a regular column for a national magazine and I know this will drive traffic to the site, the forum and help with getting more sign up with the newsletter. I just want to make sure I am making the best choices. I have to be done by publication of the newsletter at the end of July. I’m open for suggestions. Thanks in advance.

Oh yes. One more thing. I thought I saw a mod for phpbb that worked with a listserver , was it Mailman? Anyone know about this?