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What are the best way to generate traffic to a site?


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Good, relevant and unique CONTENT.

Yes I agree, I think good content has a role to play

What kind of site? Good content is a start, but promoting that content is the next step.

Here are a few things that I often do to get traffic.
Submit your link to directories, maybe do some link exchanges. You might try google ad words depending on your budget. Maybe you could even start a blog and get your blog listed in various blog communities. Good luck with everything!!!

I agree with bolder. Content is king. Unique, quality content is all the search engines are looking for nowadays.

Social networking sites are good platform for generating targeted traffic, for better exposure join SN sites and go for tagging in bookmarking sites as well, if your good content does not get a path to travel then what is the use of good content?

Social bookmarking and blog is the good way to boost traffic for the site and the way to expose your links.

Content superb and updated is very important as well as presence in search engines with right keywords. With minimum knowledge you could start with SEO on your site.

Quality content with lots of back links...

If you done with content, make step on Directories submissions, classifieds, PRs and link exchanging. Mind the relevancy in all things.

Write Articles and submit em to every article website that has content that applies to your content.
There are about a zillion of em out there. And its mostly free.

Hi Lajocar

Another way to promote your site is to write original articles and submit them to article directories such as ezinearticles.com - include a link back to your site in the signature box.

Get some original content on squidoo.com.

I checked your two signature links - are they the sites you want to promote?

Getting people to your site is only one part of the battle. Once they are there you need to get their email address. I didn't notice any form, or free newsletter for your visitors to sign up to. You need to capture the email of your visitors. Perhaps you do have one there - but I didn't NOTICE it...

Writing a blog is a very good idea - remember to add your link in the signature section of every article you write!

Don't waste your money on expensive advertising - original content is the key. Oh, and contributing to forums! Remember, every time you post with a signature attached to your post you get a permanent link back to your site for people and search engines to find their way to your site.

The one and only "unique Content"

I have many proven techniques I have developed over the years. I have put together an instructional guide and you can find it on my web site <url snipped> I also have results you can see and nobody else does.

Using social bookmarking site will improve you site visitor but for long term business you need a better places in SERP. Try launch you backlink building campaign and get at least 10 site per day and monitor your site.


Nearly every online marketer on the planet uses pay per click in their traffic churning “bag of tricks.”

It's a great way to get targetted traffic to your site.

The problem with pay per click is the “high learning cost.” What I mean by that is it takes months of education, trial and error, and skill to write ads that bring home the bacon… for the least cost.

PPC has lots of competition and it is not easy, yet the rewards make the effort worthwhile… if you can learn how to master it.

I have found a new trend which is FREE - so you could maximize per visitor profits with no out-of-pocket cost and Produces rapid results so you could start banking more cash as fast as humanly possible.

One of the mega-trends taking hold right now is the evolution to what's called Web 2.0. Blogging, Social Networking sites such as MySpace and Video sites like You Tube have exploded in the last 18 months.

Video is a trend worth your attention. Research indicated between April and June 1995, 94 Million U.S. based internet surfers viewed online videos… spending 73 minutes per month on average… EACH!

Emarketer estimates 123 MILLION Americans will view online video every month in 2007.

That's just the start. Obviously, the sheer growth of online video hosting services confirms the trend. Clearly, video is the wave of the future.

Just loading up a video gets you natural rankings almost immediately. All you need to do is choose your keywords, or keyword phrases… and you're on the most trusted side of the page on multiple search engines.

But you'll be surprised because you'll be listed in the video services search rankings IMMEDIATELY. That means the 11 percent of surfers who trust video before all else see you right away.

Use your:

* Podcasts
* Recorded Info
* Audio ebooks
* Recorded Teleseminars
* Talking into your Digital Recorder!

That's it! Couldn't be easier. And soon you're enjoying a windfall of new business...


Dennis Koray

Quiet interesting & good content!!! Even i too agree with you.

Yes, making an internet marketing video is a very good idea.

Nobody has mentioned podcasting as a marketing tool - does anybody have any experience of that medium?

Going back to article marketing, I'd like to add that when you write your internet marketing article it's a good idea to do some keyword research and plug some suitable keyword phrases into the title, subtitle and of course the main body of the text.

Don't over-egg the pudding by gratuitous repetition, but you can greatly improve your hit rate by paying attention to how you phrase each sentence and plugging in keyword phrases where they will fit naturally. I usually write the article first and then do my keyword research and modify the article accordingly.

The free keyword search tool at Overture is a bit dated now (last updated January 2007) and doesn't give the complete picture of what keywords people are using to do their searches, but it is great for getting some quick ideas: http://inventory.overture.com/d/searchinventory/suggestion/

If you are just starting out with article marketing, don't always go for the most popular keywords - choose the ones that get between a few hundred and a couple of thousand hits per month. That way your article stands a better chance of getting into the top 10 on the search terms.;)

as everyone do a unique contain and socialbookmaring like digg and netscape.
this will bring huge traffic if your content is unique.and google gets you soon in your site.

I just asked in another section in this forum. Stay away from article submissions and social bookmarking.

According to a few other posts i have read here, article submissions are dead, better to keep the articles on your own site.

And social bookmarking is no good because the have no follow tags.

Try focusing on the quality of your site!

Good luck

Posting in Forums related to your site also generate targeted traffic from your signatures.

Hi Melissa,

Yes, quality of your own site - unique content and good layout and SEO are very important.

But what do you mean, article marketing is dead?:confused: Could you give us some more information or tell us where exactly to find it?

I think it is very unlikely to be the case. Actually, what you should do is write TWO versions (maybe more) of the SAME article, one for your site or your blog, and then another, using different syntax and vocabulary, to submit to article sites.

Posting your articles on good article sites such as ezinearticles.com will definitely increase your traffic.

Best thing to increase your sites traffic is to Increase your online presence and get popular among the community.


Nice thought, but how exactly do I do that?:icon_rolleyes:


I agree, I think you can have seperate articles. Those you plce on your site, and then if you rewrite the article you can submit it.

I asked a similar question in this forum, and they told me that article marketing, is not the best way to generate traffic.

Read this thread: http://www.daniweb.com/forums/thread90602.html

This explains it easier :D

Submit to digg.com:) and I agree........quality content!

exactly right content

I think the basic and yet most important thing to consider is how the content gives impact to the readers. The facade must be simple but not overbearing, must be informative, detailed, accurate and user friendly.

Well, maybe the best way to get traffic is to go to Trafficswarm and purchase thousands of hits. But if you want to build depth on the Internet and get quality visitors, article marketing is the way to go.

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