I agree to all of you guys, just try to have a good content and a good product that your promoting and you will get alot of traffic to your site. Goodluck and God Bless..

Kind regards,
Julius Orias

Hi there,

What are the best way to generate traffic to a site?


L :)

Email marketing is another method :)

i opted for this servcie sent mails to over 30 million email ids and my revenue increased :D

Just keep few simple things in mind while trying to increase traffic on your site:

1. Traffic will grow slowly and not overnight.
2. Dont forget to use means other than internet to promote your site. Like newspaper advertisement and radio advertisment.
3. Identify your target visitors and make marketing plan accordingly.
4. Use free resources as much as possible as they only demand your time and not your moeny.
5. Start taking help of your family and friend to spread word of mouth.
6. Start publishing success stories and testimonials of your satisfied customers.

And many more things...

To increase traffice use:

- Forums
- Blogs
- Aritcles
- Link Sharing
- Back linking
- Get your site search engine optimized
- Submit to directories
- Submission to social bookmark websites (use Bookmark Submitter Pro)

I am quite sure that you will be able to increase traffic to your site.

net4nuts, good list of traffic genrating ways

word of mouth is another way. google is a prime example of word of mouth and facebook as well

...And make sure that what you submit to article directories is good quality with original content and built-in keywords.

First off, you need to increase the amount of links going into your site. At this moment we are giving advice and we don't even know what your site URL is.
You could have gotten a few visitors here (not that I am telling you to spam, but giving us a link would have actually been beneficial to answering your question).

Text content is key when trying to attract visitors. Pictures are nice too, but search engines cant read pictures.

It seems you already know how with anchor text in your signature links

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