Hi all,
I am the new kid on the block. I am launching a dating website. could u please tell me wht could be the best way to promote that website. its actually a proper dating website not meant for one nite stands and instant hook ups. And thats the reason that i am bit worried about the image and credibility of the website. its meant for all those people who r busy with their life and dont have time for clubbing and much social activities but they wann meet someone. Also meant for all those shy people out there who r bit hesitant to come forward n say hey how u doin?. So please guide me through for its promotion and marketing. Also my budget is small. I hope i`d get good suggestions and advice here.
Thanx in advance

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hi all
still waiting for someone to answer my genuine question. is there none who can answer my query including the 'queen of daniweb"?

The reason you're not going to get many responses is because your question is too broad. There is no miracle way to suddenly get traffic to a new site, and if there was, the person who knows it isn't going to spill the beans :)

Put a link to your site in your forum signature and post here and on other forums that have your target audience. Do link swaps. Submit to link directories. Set up a Google sitemap. Read read read :) Lots of good tips throughout these forums.

With a lot of hard work, it IS possible to grow a site from scratch without a financial investment out of pocket. I did it with DaniWeb.

Hi Kuldeep,

What is your budget? And are you targeting any specific user group? Like punjabi dating or whatever?

There are different ways to approach and there is never one golden path for all to follow.

- Sri

Posting to craigslist's personals section is the best way to get some quick traffic to your site.
For long term you have to plan other marketing options too like SEO, forum posting, blog posting, AdWords, social bookmarking, directory submission etc...

- use social networking web sites there more than 100 community where you can start invite them to joint your dating web site.
- get high page rank with several backlinks.
- Give free ebooks, free templates, free tools,...
- start blogging with quality posts you can drive traffic to your web site.

-keyword-rich text and links
-strong meta-tags
-less/no flash
-alt for images
-specific title tags in both head section and links
-submit to google, yahoo and dmoz
-a profile on a community site (like myspace, facebox, hi5) with an image link in it would help
-lots and lots of text content - forget javascript menus and so on
-google indexes best the sites made out of divs which are held in css classes.

I can't give you here a link to some e-books, but you can find me on <snip>

Good Luck!

-strong meta-tags

Meta tags do not help with SEO at all.

-submit to google, yahoo and dmoz

Don't forget MSN.

-google indexes best the sites made out of divs which are held in css classes.

This is not true. Google judges pages by content, not its quality of code.

i have the same problem. NEED TRAFFIC. but still get now results after long time of my investigations...the only provem traffic sources are google, yahoo, msn and miva. thats all, anything other is trash or small volumes.

so he is gone...please be specific if you want a good answer.how can we know what type of site you are planning to run.if we know we could give specific suggestions.

I think you should narrow down your targeting to specific community, demography, culture and specific age to your niche area, it will help you to focus properly.

To be noticed by search engines... create lot of backlinks to your site.

Hey... there are tools available for submitting to social bookmarking websites...

You can use these tools and submitt to many social bookmarking website easily without going through the pain of submitting


Use Bookmark Submitter Pro and get your job done easily...

There are some low buget tools that you can you to make people aware of yoursite. I started SNIP over a year ago and the site is growing.
1: Purchase email marketing softwae.
2: Use Marketing sites to create your own email campaigns
3: Purchase email list from Marketing firms.
4: Swop links if you can to other website.
These are just a few tips to get you started there are others tricks of the traid that you will learn as you dig deeper into the dating world.

SEO helps promote your site. Its what we call the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website on search engines via natural search results on targeted keywords.

Remember these things with regards to SEO:
* On-Page Optimization (its done within your site) It deals with the proper use of title tags, description, alt tags, h1/h2 tags, meta tags and description.
* Off-Page Optimization (done outside your site) It deals with building links.

To get decent traffic do the following:
- Submit articles to article directories
- Submit press release
- Use forums regularly, place eye-catching signatures
- Use social bookmarking
- Social networks like facebook, myspace, orkut
- Craiglist, classified ads
- Blog networks
- Write articles on Hubpages
- Post video on youtube & metacafe
To get optimized result you have to focus on the quality of ur site. Use classified ads to make ur site popular. If you have good female members then its a plus point for you. Post attractive youtube videos. And finally participate on Yahoo answer, this is the best place to go.

A dating site is a hot niche pal, but at the same time it has hot competition, one of the first things you should do after its launch is find out some adult related forums and get active on them, start publishing articles on hubpages and squidoo and with just $200 you can send out a good press release all of this can get you a pr2 so then if you hav got a bit of budget for advertising, then advertise on porn and dating sites. one of the hottest ways is create or just spider some sexy videos, put your url and upload it to all video sites like youtube and metacafe.

Best of luck

Use social media and take part in dating niche sites to get traffic

There are only two ways to get traffic to your site, you either practise SEO or go with pay per click programs (you can also advertise on other related sites) but you will get the best result by doing all these together.

I was having the same issue. Try SNIP it has alot of useful information and I am sure there is something there you can use. I agree with everyone on here as it is a combination of all of the above. The biggest issue is you have to stay on top of your SEO and have relavant, fresh content as often as possible. A blog, news, articles etc.

Hey if You want to promote Dating sites then Social Media Marketing is best for you.
Just Join Dating , Love and Romance related Groups , Pages, Forum on Facebook, Orkut, and other Social networking sites. and post your website links.

I thinks this is best way.

There are many difficult issues with this industries. First is the SEO battle. Second is if you make your online dating site free or paid. Singles using online dating know full well many of them are free now. Only the established dating sites with huge memberships are still managing to charge subscriptions and are relying on the free online dating sites to send them traffic for affiliate commissions.

I own a dating site and use pure seo but I am also a master at it after taking a $47 2 day course at SNIP. Once you master seo and learn to rank at the top you will save yourself tons of cash over the long term. I am about to launch another 3 dating sites.

Well, you can join some dating related forums and you can participate in those forums it would help for both seo and promotion of dating website.

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