If anyone would help me....I am working on a website that has 4 links off the original, if there is anyone who knows where I can go, who I can see...or anything it would be appriaciated

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I'm not sure what you mean by 4 links off the original? Do you mean that it is a simple five page website?


Depends on what catches you want.

Theres no such thing as a free lunch, there will be caps + ads on nearly all of them


You can usually get a decent web hosting package for just a few bucks a month, and feel secure in that you're content is safe in a reliable datacenter.


Use freewebs or something. Web hosting is so cheap, I don't know why you are fazed.


We provide free hosting to students. Let me know if you are still looking for hosting

PM me with details please


People are so cheap :) Even a few bucks a month is too expensive to safehouse your data.

Not always true, some people don't have their own credit card.


Yes people are so cheap they cant even afford cheap hosting.

computinghost.com(i'm not afifilated just googled and found their plan better)
have very cheap plans on yearly basis.why people dont buy hosting?

i know there are some host who charge domain at 25$ and hosting prices at 60$ onwards but why go for them?and days are now changed you can get hosting at cheap prices with your data protected.


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People are so cheap Even a few bucks a month is too expensive to safehouse your data.

May be he/she dont have that much money in initial stage ! no matter $1 or $100000 its something like that when anyone wants to start a forum usually he/she starts with free PHPbb after that if they feel or need and if they would have money will upgrade to IPB or Vb.

freewebspace forums are good for hosting details free and paid i have seen there one free and good hosting x10hosting they are giving you cPanel hosting .

But if you seriously thinking to start a site for long time go for paid hosting some webhost are providing trial period to test them.



I never rely on free hosting There are thousands of cheap web hosting which guarantee you secure/safe data
So please be careful


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