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I wouldnt use either,i think they are a waste of time and stupid.........

I'm not a Facebook or MySpace user either, although I was fascinated to learn that DaniWeb has had a Facebook group for a year now that I never even knew about.

I use FaceBook myself as there are a number of online communities whose members I know well which have set up groups there. Also, the simplicity of the interface is great, very well suited to purpose.

However, it is not something I am driven to visit every hour or even every day. Unlike certain other online communities such as DaniWeb or Cix (UK text based conferencing system of some 20 years standing, very similar to The Well in many regards) which have a much more compelling sense of belonging and interaction IMHO.

I wouldnt use either,i think they are a waste of time and stupid.........

What do you think about networking capabilities?

I use Facebook rather heavily (daily). I've been an early adopter of Facebook since before it was rolled out to the public. I have to say that without Facebook, I probably wouldn't get job offers and the like. Surprising, eh?

MySpace is less popular for me. It's not as "intellectual" according to a recent study by a Ph.D. candidate. I'm inclined to agree, but for other reasons (see link).

Facebook and Myspace is a good social networking site on which you can used in promote your site and get a network. Facebook have some additional application and features on which you can used. You cannot easily get a network here. But Myspace has a complete features from forum, classifieds, blogs and a lot more. I think Myspace is very useful

I would say Facebook hands down. The interface is cleaner, and it gets the message across a lot easier.

- Deakon

I am a user of ORKUT, Myspace and several other community based websites and have joined Facebook last weeks and found more it more secure and useful than all other websites.

Facebook is by far the more inviting interface - unless you clog it up with every feature possible then it becomes just so much noise. That said, I am more interested in belonging to a network organized around a common interest so the discussions are relevant and have some substance. I want my time online to be spent productively - my leisure time is reserved for the real world.

wow...i didn't see this thread...but, i posted some of my ideas for facebook on another thread.....


Iv'e used MySpace in conjunction with Facebook....ultimately my MySpace site, and Facebook Group weren't created to advertise my forum......the forum was an idea that came long after I had built my myspace page to having over 8,000 members......that, too, like the thread, is a tribute to the U.S. Military Veterans of Iraq and AFghanistan.....i put my heart into it, and, even to this day, i have tons of friend requests daily....

I even developed merchandise for the group I had started.....and, had a free t-shirt contest, if people added the site to their top friends list, and submitted their mySpace URL.....I compiled them in a list on Microsoft word, and did a completely random drawing....and sent the winner a tshirt......

and, of course, at the very top of the myspace page, i have a link to the forum.....along with an accompanying picture.....

....and, the value of bulletins are priceless.....if you develop the right friends, theyll be more than willing to repost the bulletin to the ends of cyberspace.....

one of my good friends had published his personal journal from his service in Iraq.....and, I set up an affiliation with amazon....and, sold about 20 of his books in just a few bulletins.....because people would post and repost and repost....

so, there are just a few ideas......I hope these help a little :).....be creative, but don't try to make it like your'e deceiving people....people like companies/ stocks who's officers regard transparency of company operations, etc.....so, try to implement those values into your practices....

I don't like myspace. I belive it has become a haven of Spammers. I like facebook it cares a lot about member's privacy. Moreover facebook application is a great feature over Myspace.

I don't think that MySpace has a place in the non-teenage world.

I would try daniweb it has one know one knew about.

I prefer Myspace, facebook does not offer the levels of customization as Myspace do.

Hmmm, Hi x3xsolxdierx3x, quite a interesting post..

but anyways.. Facebook for me :)


I always am a good fan of MySpace but Facebook is more Professional to me. So I wud go with Facebook.


you can use this social networks to promote Network marketing or affiliate programs ;)

and for this myspace is better for me

I will vote for MySpace. I have been there since 2 years so its worth it.

defnietely facebook, so much cleaner than myspace, some people dont really have a creative eye!!

Myspace, all the way
Facebook annoys me

anyway, I only use myspace for my music and it is a great help

I prefer this new site that has just been created; FRIENDSPACES.NET. Thay are new and not spoiled by corperate hunchos. Check it out

they both stink

I agree that MySpace is a lot uglier, but I also find it much more practical. With Facebook I always end up wasting time playing pointless games, and doing stupid quizzes... But that's just me. :)

If you are looking to promote, definitely use both sites and other social networking ones. Aggressive marketing is the key.

I prefer Myspace.

In April 2008, MySpace received 95 percent of its visits from returning visitors. Among the top five social networking websites by market share, Facebook and MyYearbook.com followed with 93 and 90 percent, respectively, of traffic returning from within the previous 30 days.

We prefer Linkedin for business networking. We have some privacy issues with Facebook.

If you are serious with doing social networking sites, you can use both of them since both sites a good. It is also a good medium to promote your site.


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