Sean_3 0 Newbie Poster

great article , social sites is where people are so we should market there

garry420 0 Newbie Poster

what i have observed over the time in branding is becoming more and more popular majority many companies are now looking to make brands.
as i work in a digital marketing company majority of projects we get are for brading purpose

Aman_4 0 Newbie Poster

Content has always been a key, but with significant changes to how the Google algorithm functions, and Google's announcement at the conclusion of last year that it will no longer announce updates, content is going to have more importance in website optimization.websites that previously focused on brief, keyword laden content to generate rank may now be usurped for longer, more in-depth content with the similar keyword densities.A site's ability to allow its users to post an entry or article on Facebook, or tweet it on Twitter, is proceeding to be pivotal in terms of social media optimization

EDWARD_4 0 Newbie Poster

Social media is the key to receive immense traffic on a web site

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