What social bookmarking sites do you follow?

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Social bookmarking is an example of web2.0 websites which means you can bookmark or save your favorite articles/ websites/ online rather than bookmarking on your computer's browser. It also help to create a backlink for a particular site/ article which is going to be bookmark.

Some commonly used sites are;
Yahoo! Buzz

and many more. just go to google and search 'social bookmarking sites'


All the websites are really very good. I like digg and delicious more.

i mostly use digg.delicious and reddit for bookmarking

I have long list of social bookmarking site but i only prefer high PR sites like digg, stumblupon etc.

There are sites like Squidoo and Hubpage that you can bookmark like in blog-style post.

humsurfer is other very good site.

these websites are very important for social sites such as Digg, reddit, delicious and Yahoo! Buzz.......


Digg is the best. The best bookmarking software is Bookmarking Demon.

I always follow:
4)stumble upon
Above all are High PR sites and help you to increase traffic for your sites.


I think we need to concentrate on social networking rather than social bookmarking. Social networking allows you to reach and interact with your audience related to your business and feedback's of your target market. There are many of networking sites like facebook, twitter, linked in, you tube, my space that allows you to build your network and brand. Social bookmarking is also very good way to put your site. You can get lots of traffic and backlinks also through this. So try to do both networking and bookmarking.


social bookmarking is not just submitting you link in social bookmarking sites you can use any sites which accepts your links for example take this site http://www.zsl.com you can visit the site and put you link in that contact us page .
this is one of the new techniques of getting links

some dofollow social bookmaking sites:

for me I used both social bookmarking and social networking sites to promote my site and for creating backlinks and getting traffics.

Only three.. I do get confuse in the long list...

They are

Social bookmarking is a web based interactive service where users can create and store links. Most of the time I always prefer only high PR value bookmarking website.

Digg, stumbleupon, reddit, delicious, Yahoo! Buzz are important sites for social bookmarking.

I am following Facebook , Twitter

for my website promotion.

social bookmarking is one the best way to drive traffic


These are the best social bookmarking site . Follow these to get links

delicious, google bookmark & stumbleupon...that't all...

Social bookmarking is a way for you to store, tag and share links across the internet. You can then access these links from any computer anywhere anytime. All of these sites are free to use but you do need to register with them before you can begin bookmarking. But there are many site in which voters does not required registration, they have just click on title. For eg. in hypesol.com & w3promoter.com if you required vote then just click on vote it can be done by anyone without registration. According to me One of the important benefit is that it directly open our blog URL after voting. so visitor can see our articles.

social bookmarking sites will help you a lot in getting traffic if you have strong profile in high pr sites.

The Is several social bookmarking site across the web digg is the best and first social marking site

social bookmarking site can we used high PR site and shearing bookmarking then more traffic on our site.


I have 800 social bookmarking site list any one get it give me youe email id because of this forum site not allow attached option.

I dont care which social bookmarking sites has the most rank or less I'm on it. You can find one bookmarking site with one member at the time your on? You can win that member. But I look at bookmarking sites with more content anyways, and it's more professional like a classy commercial business. So yeah I would say Social bookmarking is best. DOFOLLOW.

According to me Digg and Reddit is the best Social Bookmarking site. As this sites are high PR site and easily approved...

Hi, i have these sites in bulk.. ! If anybody want so PM me .

I use digg,reditt and several other bookmarking site for promotion of my sites

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