Hey friends who is better social networking site Facebook or Twitter !!

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Purely subjective. I like Facebook better, but others may not.

Now a days Twitter is my most favourite because it helps me alot to grab traffic towards my site

Today Facebook is the most important social bookmarking site. From facebook we share our information easily and furthoremore we are capable to discuss with our friends.

Hi everybody,

Social networking sites like facebook, twitter, Linkedln, Google plus etc. These are useful for Seo. It helps to increase the traffic of the site.

Thanks a lot
Smith Jones

commented: Did you even read the OP? -3

Line between social media marketing and search engine optimization is blurring day by day. Social Networks like facebook, linkedin, twitter, pinterest surely help you to gain high SERP

Number of social networks presented on the web like wallpost.com. According to my opinion this is the best, i never seen the feature ehich are presented in wallpost. simply fantastic. so, i like this.

Twitter is good for SEO too as well as for social media... But facebook is a better platform for social networking and for social media too.

No doubt, it's Facebook.

Of course, social networking sites are really too helpful for building links and promoting sites.

the best social site is facebook
second one is gmail
then goole

Since when was Gmail a social networking site? If you are going to post very thinly disguised signature spam then at least make an effort to be accurate with your responses... Oh, and 'goole' or 'twiter' what might they be? Yes, I know...

Facebook , Twitter and Linkdein are the way they are placed in popularity and the way I see them as being Social Media Platforms in terms of relavance towards Social networking sites.

Facebook is good.

facebook wat else..;)

No dabout that facebook is better social networking website.

Facebook allows you to share much more diverse content - videos, photos, large pieces of text...Audience gets tired of the same type of posts really quickly...But on the other hand you may lose that part of your target audience which is present in Twitter but misses on Facebook. I would recommend you to use both. Now it's possible to share automatically those posts you tweet on Twitter on Facebook too. So it appears not a matter of time anymore.

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin are best for SMO..

No dabout Facebook is better.

I think other than face book and twitter there are Linkedln, Google plus are good social websites.

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Facebook is number one in my country.

This is interesting.....

i guess Google + is good but Facebook is not much bad as we think.

If you are going to choose one among all the social media sites, I will go for Google plus. Google plus have lot of attributes to promote online business, like they are giving you the opportunity to promote your business locally as well as Globally.

Facebook is best social networking site.

Compare to twitter facebook have lot of good features.

All are at the same position but Many of them get through FB

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