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Now a days content is the king and plays important role in internet marketing.I dont have any idea about how to share effective content? which is effective to share in social media? small and cache content or detailed description about the business.

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I believe the importance of your detailed description of your business should be well known and prominent, in most social media circles, but it doesn't hurt to tack on small, cache content. What I would consider more is the rich emphasis of the actual content and trying to make it unique as possible.

its also good to use inforgraphics,

COntent was, is and will always be the king of Internet.

I would go for the less lines of Snippetes. While detailed description can be put some time not always. As suggested above infograohics would be most effective.

Rich and informative content is very effective. Also currently infographic is very effective and attract attention. And if you are ready with your contents then share your contents through social media.

as per my knowledge if you have good quality of content it will play a very important role in social media because the main thing is content that should be more rich and informative.

I Will agree, informative content is very effective.Also currently infographic is very effective and attract attention. And if you are ready with your contents then share your contents through social media.

content plays impotant role in social media and to attracts traffic rich and unique content is must.

Unique contents is important to social media marketing tatics.

As i know content is king for seo and smo because it play very important role to attract visitors to your website.Don't forget that thousand of peoples provide strong and attractive content on web to gain traffic.Think different from that people and make your content more and more relevent,unique and fresh because content attracts much visitors and traffic if your content is accurate and relevent.

Always use unique content.

to share in social media small and cache content is better

content is lot of important in social media because with out this it is not possible to make the best seo

Content is as important as the presentation in social media sites as it engulfes or attracts more visitors. Then futher this can be directed to your website. Knowing the pulse of the audience at the present time helps out in a greater extent.

content is very important in social media because this the brief description of your website with this you can forward the knowledge

content is very important and it should be unique and informative so that to gain the popularity of the site as well as to drive more traffic.

your content should be unique, educational and newsworthy for readers.you can try generic updates on latest happening with your product or services.

Unique,effective and catchy content are the best way for promoting your business and products.Also there are a lot of social media site like flickr,pinterest,squidoo where the content can be shared.

Informative and genuine content with proper headings goes a long way. Not only writing content but also Sharing them in an effective way make your content popular. Combine your content in the form of infographics, blogs, social media etc.,

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