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SMO creation , I have no idea so please suggest me which is the best social media sites for SMO.

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Now days facebook and twitter more popular than other social marketing profile.
Liste of SMO site:-


Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, etc. are the most popular and common social networking sites available in the market. But, the need of these social networks optimization will vary from business, products and services. So, try to employ the right social network to manage Social media marketing process easier.

SMO is a Social media optimization, for that you have to create a perfect profile of your website on well known social media website like Twitter and Facebook.

It depends on the country in which people who are using a social media website regularly. Facebook, twitter, youtube and instagram are famous social media sites.

Facebook and Twitter are the best ones to go.

Best social media sites for SMO.

create your website account and update your website daily there below social media website,

If your are looking for geniuene traffic Twitter, Google+, Reddit are the best. And if you are looking likes or shares you can go for other sites.

when you create your SMpresence,


the instructions for optimising your facebook page, twitter feed, linkedIn account, are comprehensive and uniformly good

get it wrong, and the negative results are powerfull
get it right, and the positive results are powerfull

Undoubtly Facebook is the king of Social Media

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Linked in
Google +
Stumble upon
You can use tools like Hootsuite for SMO

Facebook is the powerful social media. Other than that twitter, google+, pinterest are the best.

Facebook is the head of all social media till now.

There are lots of Social media sites
1. Facebook ( One of best SMO )
2. Twitter
3. Google+
4. LinkedIN
5. Pinterest
6. Instagram
7. Youtube

I do not know how to make backlinks and their benifits in social media. Any body helps me?

commented: Youtube, Tumblr, pintrest, Twitter and many more.. +0

It depends on the thematic of your site that you want to promote. You should use all networks in the list above both with the combination of thematic platforms and the catalogues. Before you start anything on such sites you should be sure that they have a high trust level of search engines (especially Google)

You should have a presence on all the sites mentioned so far.
You should especially not underestimate YouTube; YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the Internet after Google. But nobody thinks about it like that. So if you can make a brief video relevant to your product or service, and post it on YouTube with the appropriate tags, it is another opportunity to draw traffic to your site.

According to my point of view, Facebook and Linkedin is the best social media website that can drive huge amount of traffics rather than others like twitter, G plus and all.
In linkedin groups, there are many experts and professionals whom have been intersted in reading articles that you shared in your niche groups. So I wont say like all are best.

The best social media sites are facebook, google+, twitter,pinterest, stumleupon, tumblr,etc,.

If you're looking at SMO from a business standpoint, Instagram is probably the best as the reach it's holistic reach is better than Facebook and all other sites. I do business on IG, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. In my own opinion and experience, IG is optimal over all the others.

I can some of the best Social Networks from which you can gain for your business steam.
Are most top Social Media Networks....

Steffy, BizbillaB2B

stumble upon and facebook is best social media

Here are mentioned a few common social sites but by Googling you may find a lot of common and uncommon but high PR and high authority sites to promote your business.

Facebook, twitter and Google plus is the best social media sites. But linkedin gives more traffic, once you start submitting content in linkedin.

Facebook, Linkedin and Google + is the best one for business.

Their are many social media sites available which will be helpful for your business. Facebook and Twitter are two top Smo sites. You can use stumbleupon, G+, Linkedin , Youtube, Flicker, Pintrest etc.

Best social media site like Facebook,twitter,pinterest,G+ etc.

Facebook is the best social media site ,and as well as facebook you should try Google plus,Twitter,youtube ,Linkedin ,Pinterest etc !!

For B2B Targeting, LinkedIn is the best social media site. For B2C, you can use facebook. You can use twitter for both.

Best social media site like facebook,twitter,pinterset,tumler,reddit,hubpage etc.

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