which is the best social media for advertising a product.suggest me the good one

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Definately Camarilla. It allows you to post things that are seen by 15 people max. Sounds like a winner to me. Or you could try Facebook if you prefer a potential reach of 1 billion I suppose...

It depends on the product or service you want to promote. I have had really great successes with Google AdWords when it comes to promoting DaniWeb, and really terrible results with Facebook. On the contrary, when promoting the DaniPad by DaniWeb coworking space, which is a local brick'n'mortar shared office space in Queens, New York, I've had amazing success with Facebook and terrible results with Google AdWords.

Is there any rule of thumb to apply when it comes to determining which is going to be the best for product A, B or C Dani? Or is it, as I suspect, more a case of suck it and see? Indeed, taking DaniPad and DaniWeb as examples, might it be the case that if you tried AdWords and Facebook again you might get contrary results this time around?

A lot of it has to do, not just with targeting the right demographics, but exactly how you are targeting.

For example, Google AdWords offers two primary ways of targeting (let's take TV ads out of the equation for now): You can advertise on Google search results, or you can advertise on Google AdSense partners / publishers. Depending on the call-to-action of your ad, you would want to target each one for a different use case. People who click on ads from the Google search results are in the middle of trying to get the answer to something ... they're not going to detour so quickly. On the other hand, an ad at the bottom of an article on a website is properly suited for a website visitor who is looking for the next interesting thing to check out. Now let's talk about Facebook ... put yourself into the mindset of someone casually browsing their Facebook wall. Perhaps they're bored at work. Perhaps they're looking for the next interesting thing. By this logic, a very niche, focused article on DaniWeb that might solve a specific algorithm issue would be something of great use to people who are specifically searching for it in Google, but wouldn't be something people would be interested in reading should they casually come across it when they're looking for interesting / light reading.

Many social media platforms are available for advertise your product. You choose the social media platform depends on your products, services & targeted people.

Best social media platforms for advertising, normally everyone uses is Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,Linkedln,Pinterest.

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