How twitter posts can be useful for business? Can anyone elaborate more on it??

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Just about everybody has elaborated on this, as a very quick search on Google would have revealed:

Maybe you could be a leeeetle less generic with your question? What do you want to achieve for your business using Twitter? Do you already have an account up and tweeting, if so where is it doing well and where less so? What kind of business are we talking about, as some business models will be better suited to using Twitter than others.

OK, the ball is back with you...

I am having my twitter account, and tweeting on daily basis. But not able to generate traffic from tweets...

What are you tweeting?

How many followers do you have, and what are you doing to increase your follower count?

Twitter is good promotion media. You can post your product posts to twitter. This will get you more reach when you have lot of follwers. The reach is also depends upon your followers count on twitter.

Be regular post in Twitter. It generate the traffic & create brand awareness.

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