hi, I need to convert my flash .swf to .flv files for my website. I tried iwisoft swf to video converter. Though the output video and audio quality is very good, it always has a logo mark on the left of the output video. need $49!!

I wonder if you know any good freeware can do the .swf to .flv conversion. And the output flv video can be published to website. Thanks.

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There is no freeware for converting .swf to .flv.

But there is a website do the conversion online, try the following link:


Another Method from your flash cs4 itself:

Open your source flash file
Export movie as quicktime
Then convert the quicktime movie to flv using flash encoder

Please reply after you tested.


It is difficult to find a free swf to flv converter.
I use bvcsoft swf to flv converter.it works great.also support swf volume normalizer.if you drag other video format.it also can help me convert my other popular video files to flv,mp4.wmv,mov,avi,mpeg etc format.very great.

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