Does anyone here use reddit, and if so, what do you like the most about it?

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Never been there.

The best part is that the awful answers and spam get downvoted and soon don't show.

Daniweb relies on moderators to do this. Reddit lets users kick replies out of site.

I was browsing for awhile yesterday and a few threads it had picked for me we’re super spammy, even by my standards. I guess each subreddit has its own level of standards, and of course the subreddits my account liked were those about internet marketing, etc.

That being said, part of this latest iteration of DaniWeb does attempt to do that, to some extent. It tries to filter out the more low quality stuff from the homepage, the recommended topics feed, and the forums feeds, by default. You have to remove the Recommended filter to see all topic listings.

Can you see the similarity there, albeit ours is machine learning based and theirs relies on the diligence of all of their active users? DaniWeb is not yet so fortunate.

Sorry I see no similarity here. Here we have no subthreads (can't reply to a person the discussion) and replies move up or down the discussion chain according to Reddit's rules. You use the @ convention (example: @Someone) and hope they find your reply to them.

Here a reply stays put no matter if it was downvoted to Hell. If you want to have the conversational system that Reddit is, you have two missing features.

I wasn't talking about replies. I was talking about the listing of threads. When perusing reddit, it suggested on my front page a lot of threads with no comments that was just pure link spam.

OK I can see that. Why? Because when I Reddit I look at a subreddit and did take quick stop at and seemed OK. Will have to check out its suggestions but it didn't suggest anything. Could be because I use reddit? (I can see you scrunch in pain as to that sounds just like something you wrote about more use or users would make the current cards at the front page work better.

But back to the top as they would say. The lack of being able to reply to someone in a discussion (threading) is missing as well as the replies to the top do not order according to voting or other rules.

I'm not writing these are must haves for the goals you have laid out in other discussions. I did not write that.

Much thanks for your feedback. I'm not trying to create a Reddit clone or try to replicate Reddit's feature set.

I am, however, trying to compete in terms of audience, "addictiveness", and end-user goals (e.g. the user can get the same goals met in both places) with a handful of subreddits that exist, such as r/php, r/seo, and some other subreddits that overlap the target audiences I was describing in the other thread.

yes i use Reddit For SEO & Content Marketing Research

aarticod, what are your thoughts of it? Do you find it more useful than sites like WebmasterWorld, for example?

I use reddit every day. Love it. Know all about it.

Reddit is like social media. Has topics about the city I live it. Restaurants, Shopping, people. Places to go. People with questions that i help answer.

r/The_donald : to know how USA and Brazil were halted to be destroyed by the globalists. A lot of real details.

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