What do you think of the new GWT interface??

Seems to me as if they released it too prematurely. Half the features don't work and the sidebar navigation literally just says Coming Soon.

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I didn't realise that GWT was still being actively developed. It was good back in the day and I'm sure plenty of companies have apps written with it chugging away on their intranets. It seems that frameworks like Angular, React and Vue have moved in on GWT's patch from one side, and babel/ES6 from the other.


Errr... ain't it called Search Console for quite some time now? Anyway... it still looks the same here in Greece, so probably you in the US are one of the first to have a look.

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pty, I think you're referring to something different?? Apps being written with it? I think you're confused :)

gentlemedia ... by the looks of it, they should keep it in closed beta for awhile longer then (or whatever I got myself into to be privileged enough to have access to it).


Ah! Sorry, I thought you were referring to gwt, Google's old web development toolkit.

I thought you meant that Google Webmaster Tools had been re-written in gwt, which is what the old version was written in, along with most of Google's other tools released from 2006-2015.

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