How to bring morewebsite traffic through SEO in 1 month?

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Add fresh content. Build backlinks. Freshen up your site navigation.

I think making sure your pages interlink well and you have efficient navigation is low hanging fruit most people don’t think of.

Also, make sure all your pages have a unique title and meta description, and you aren’t noindexing pages unintentionally.

I agree with Dani.

You should work on on-page seo that is developing your website with good creative content to target visitors.

At the same time you can make effort towards off-page seo to get more traffic by promoting, it in various online submit websites.

Here is a good source to get your site out there and running on some taffic

I used to use a lot of those Mega Submit apps and sites back in the mid-late 90s but I think that nowadays they're kinda spammy. If you're going to get any non-negligible amount of traffic, your site should be discoverable on its own.

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