I have been searching your board for about 4 days now and i found a lot of information that I have been looking for, for a long time. I appreciate the support that you have here.

Three days ago i decided to put Google Ads on my message board. I am having a problem moving it where i want it to go.

I need to move the Google Ad next to a HTML table, the ad i plan on using is a vertical (small) ad. I can't seem to get them next to eachother without one being above the other, or without them being out of proportion. I need the HTML table centered while the the ad is right next to it.

Ill show you an image that i have with the horizontal ad under the html table:

Now here is the vertical ad that i cannot seem to fix:

See how it moves it under the ad and to the bottom right. How can i fix that?

I have another problem with the Google Ads. They don't seem to show up in FireFox. Only Internet Explorer. Is the problem on my side, or doesn't Google ever show ads in FireFox? Will people that use FireFox count as a impression, even though they don't see the advertisement?

I appreciate all your help, i can't get over how nice your website/message board is, along with the wonderful support you give.

Thanks for your time and help,

You sorted this problem or it is still on-going issue?
If it is still problem please post your code