Hi Guys me again, still working on the ohiochirorelief.com site. problem i'm having now is I'm trying to add a footer that spans the width along the bottom. but it doesn't. the text and graphic just appear at the end of the right column instead of the bottom of the left - center - right columns.

any ideas?

Thanks again..


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Ok, fixed the p tag, validated ok.. still not working in firefox worked ok in IE6 (even before fixing the p tag).. then i noticed the clear:both suggestion... that seems to have fixed it... thank you so much.. i'll do some research but can you tell me what the clear:both is? i haven't seen reference to it yet...

Thanks again

Sounds like you have an open <div> tag, most likely in your right column..... looking.... nope, tag counts match.

Try this in your footer class: clear:both;

Try also fixing these errors: http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=http%3A%2F%2Fohiochirorelief.com%2F

Matti Ressler

You need a clear: both; style to get full width again.

Thanks Midimagic, that indeed was the correct solution. Suomedia pointed me to that as well as the information on what clear was.

Thanks for the info though


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