Okay, I have a basic question regarding website layouts. I have a webpage that I originally created in photoshop, sliced up the image, exported to HTML, and then opened in dreamweaver to add functionality.

I created a rollover navigation menu in dreamweaver however the only way that I knew how to place it was with an ap div. This works perfectly as long as my site is left justified... you know where this one is going... I need to center it. :( Does anyone have any quick tricks to center the entire site?

I understand the concept of CSS however I am not a pro so I cannot build the entire site from CSS. Does anyone know of a work arounds to get around this? Any help you can provide would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Just incase you want to view the code it is at: http://www.wendellrichardson.com/ . Thanks again!

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i usually use photoshop for my designs, you must rearrange your design in dreamweaver ( don't use export result ) about rollover navigation, you can create it in dreamweaver too.
Basically you just make the design in photoshop and arrange your layout in dreamweaver.

ok.. thats just pretty easy ..

first wrap you're apDiv1 and your table in new apDIV.. let's just say..


so your markup should look like this

<div id="container">
    <div id ="apDiv1"></div>

then add the styles

#container{text-align:center;<---this is for ie centering bug...
width:x <----set the width of your design... for example 800px;
margin:auto; <--this is centering for your apDIV

finally just add this to your css..


this should center you layout..

is this your first time?? your layout can be in all divs.. why use tables inside a div??

anyways, your site not mine.. just helpin out through your problem... ^__^

hope this solve your problem...

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