hi Friends....
in my Computer some times .png not coming
anybody tell me
Advaced Thanx

Your browser might not be able to display them.

You might not have enough internet cache.

how to i got .png images
please tell me

You want to display them or you want to have images in .png format??

Well, use any photo image editor or viewer

such as Photoshop, Window picture and fax viewer (you can use it by clicking right click on the image then choose (open with) then choose the program)

that's all, see what happens with you then let me know :)

not that thing boss,
i am asking .png images aren't displayed in Internet Explorer only when i saw some websites in Internet .png images aren't displayed

Since .png is relatively new, only the newest versions of browsers can display them.

If your browser is old, you need to upgrade if you can.

Check the size of your internet cache. If the pictures are bigger than the cache, they will not display.

I am using I Explore 7.0 version previously it working

uninstall and reinstall it lik eyou did Photoshop.

Well, if that's the problem I don't thing I have an answer, but yeah try what HI2Japan said, reinstall it :)