I am developing a site with something like below as the structure. The nav container holds a flash nav swf.

I built a toned down lightbox effect and the popup is the center of that.

Safari, FF pc, IE6, IE7 all work fine, but firefox mac still layers the swf inside the #nav over the popup.

The nav has z-index:3 and the popup has z-index:999; WTF. I removed overflow:hidden; from the container bc I heard thats a bug but that did nothing. Has anyone else run into flash layering over a div no matter what in Firefox Mac?

I even tried swapping z-indexs in the javascript function, no luck.

The below code is just an example not the actual code...

#container {
#nav {
#popup {
visibility:hidden; /*Becomes visible with the jscript lightbox*/
<div id="container">
<div id="nav"><nav.swf></div>
<div id="popup">popup stuff</div>

First of all, the z-index is not fully perfected yet. It is too new for all of the devices and plug-ins to work with it.

Second, most moving image objects expect to be on top. They rewrite their screen areas by streaming. Often they move to the top by themselves.

Third, I can't stand it when poople put text on top of images. I can't read the text.

Fourth, anything put there by a script is NOT known to be there by the moving image object. It keeps the settings it has when it starts. So it draws the new image info on top of the new object.

The problem was bc I was using filter and opactiy on the lightbox style div instead of a transparent png. The flash movie in mac firefox was inheriting the opactiy from that other div it was layered on top of.

Zindex is widely used at every interactive agency I have worked at in southern california. Including agencies working on fortune 500 clients.

Who said I was putting text on top of images? I clearly said this was a lightbox type popup window.

I found your post to be more of a rant than helpful. Thanks though.

hey Cmills, im facing the same problem like you did. On mac, firefox 3, my swf divs stays in the background. On Windows, firefox 3, its not. Do you have found a solution for this? Thanks in advance :)