I am trying to integrate the Spry Menu Bar into an existing site design with a boatload of CSS. So I'm SOOOOO close...

The submenu for the third item in the nav (the only entry which will have a submenu right now) displays in the wrong place. For the life of me I can't figure out how to move it down!

The page w/ the issue is here (mouse over "solutions for you"):


The file's css sheets involved are:


I was a good site designer back around 2002... then I spent a few years doing something else, and let me tell you, learning to design with css is kickin' my butt! =-)

THANKS for your help.

as soon as you insert a spry item into your site, dreamweaver creates another Spry Java file for you. you would have to adjust all your styles in that file for it to take affect.

Thanks for pointing that out -- I'll dig around a bit taking off from that tip.