my son gave me photoshop cs 8.0. i am cluless on how to use it. i have a manual for 6.0. i am trying to figure out how to extract people out of a bright background so i can brighten them then decrease the light in the background. the instructions in the manual say to go under image - extract. i dont have extract under image or any where else. when i go to help and try to search it doesnt let me type anything under search. these pictures are from a formal taken at my daugthers school. the girls wore white gowns and the parents and guests wore black. there are alot of contrast problems as well. we had a late lunch earlier in the day where pictures were taken inside with a bright sunny window as the background that drowns out faces. i also have some slightly blurry pictures to clean up and some pictures with some debris (probably a strand of hair to get rid of). any help with balance and contrast would be great. if someone can suggest a simple idiot book that explains things in non techinical terms that would be great. im not looking for perfection. im starting with basics and can build on skills later. any one feel free to email me if you want to help teach, or just give me ideas.
karen :confused:

Hey there,

Im no expert in Photoshop but ive bought Photoshop CS a few months back and im doing a course in it too, so bear with my instructions!!

to extract an image go to; Filter>Extract. (the filter tab at the top of your photoshop page in between view and select)

this should open a new window displaying your photo or picture.

down the top left hand side you will see some the top one which looks like a pen. This is the Edge Highlighter tool. now draw around the part of the image you want to keep. I think its a green line that is drwan. Make sure you join up the line so there is no gaps.

Once you have drawn around your image, choose the fill command which is the fill bucket under the Edge highlighter. Click inside the shape you have just drawn. This should fill it in like a blue colour.

Just click 'preview' on the right hand side and it should have extracted part of your inage. If your happy with the preview just click OK.