any body tell me best software for logo design

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photoshop, the gimp, fireworks, freehand should all be good for designing a logo i would suggest photoshop but if you dont want to pay you can get the-gimp which is free photoshop minus a few features.

Depends on what your logo is going on.....letterhead, business cards? That's fine with photoshop, but when you want to do a big sign........freehand (preferred by me), or illustrator, cause no matter how big you blow it up, it will not distort. I create all my logos in freehand just in case anyone comes back and wants a sign done. That way I don't have no double work on my end, cause it's already done and ready to go!

A logo should only ever be designed in a vector based program. Start right to avoid any headaches later on, and stay away from raster-based programs for logo design.

P.S. I notice that this string is from 2005, please mark it as solved. Cheers.

Any vector program such as illustrator, this gives you more flexibility to edit and scale it to any size, easily.

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Yes all the suggestions from the people are r8. But why you giving suggestions for the very old thread, even the thread starter never giving any replies. This thread should be closed.

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But why you giving suggestions for the very old thread, even the thread starter never giving any replies.

Signature spammer.

Hello, I just saw that a person had a question here and it was not closed. The information could also be helpful when people do a search for the same question they can see several answers. Sorry we're new here are we not suppose to reply to open threads?

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You can reply for any thread, I have not seen that you are a newbie. Sorry. Anyway just look into the thread starter date it was at Feb 2005, and look into the calendar now we are in 2010. Take it as an tip for next replies, I am not a discourage person. Anyway welcome to the forum and Just have it in mind as a tip. Thanks.

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