Hi there

I have been trying to design my own website and am very much new to this so please dont get too frustrated with me lol!

What I am trying to do is have a webpage that stays like this one


They dont appear to have a different page for each button you press, just the center changes which I think looks really nice!

I have a different page for each of my different things but would like it to be permanent around the edges like this and just have the center to change

Does anyone know the code for this please?

I would be VERY VERY VERY greatful!!!

Thanks a lot!

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Sorry, on looking at the site again it looks like there are more than one page as it appears where it is taking you along the bottom progress bar rather than in the web address bar.

I dont mind doing it with many pages but Id love to know how to get it to stay the same around the edges!

Thanks again

This can be achieved using IFrames (Inline Frames or Framesets)
basicaly its a window within a page that can display another page. You could set it up like this

<iframe name="Frame" width="400px" height="300px" frameborder="0" src="homepage.html"></iframe>

That code will embed homepage.html within the 'parent' page. Next we need some links (Anchors) that can change the location of the page. These can be eather within the frame (homepage.html) or in the 'parent' page however you have to tell the browser that you want only the frame to change location not just the whole page. This can be done like this.

<iframe name="Frame" width="400px" height="300px" frameborder="0" src="homepage.html"></iframe>
<p><a href="page1" target="Frame">Page 1</a> &bull; <a href="page2" target="Frame">Page 2</a></p>

Note the peramiter name= within the iframe and the param target= in the anchor. It is very important that these are the same else the whole page will change location

thanks a lot for that!

Ive managed to put the frame in but im having trouble getting the links to work, its opening in a new window so i dont think i understand the last part of your email. sorry .... i really am a bit thick with this!


You create a link in HTML with <a href="somewhere.html">Link</a> But you have to tell it that you want it to change the location (Page) in the frame by giving it a target like this <a href="somewhere.html" target="AnIFrame">Link</a> THe target has to be the name="" peramiter in the iframe tag.

thanks very much

ive managed to do the link, its just asking do i do it to self parent top or blank?

thanks ever so much!

i hope you dont mind, ive pm'd you

oh brill ive sorted it for the links to work thanks very very much for your help!
it was driving me round the bend!

is there any way of making the iframe fixed so it doesn not change from the size i have it set to at the moment?

thanks again! if you were local id pop around with a bottle of wine for you :)

if you have the width and height set in the peramiters

<iframe width="300px" height="400px">

Then it should not change size. You may however need to specify that in the style E.G.

<iframe name="Frame" width="400px" height="300px" frameborder="0" src="homepage.html" [B]style="width: 400px; height: 300px;"></[/B]iframe>

If you have any more problems just post back, i never remember 2 unsubscribe threads lol

oh well I had that part in so its sorted, thank you ever so much!

The only part im still struggling with is how to get the scroll bar to be white on a black background- im sure it will take me forever to figure it out lol!

Thanks again!

Just add scrolling="no" to the iframe, that should work

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