Ok I created a website for my Chapter at my school for our Org and I added the weather feature but it never updates itself to match the current weather how can i fix it this is what my code looks like

<td width="47%" align="left" valign="top" style="border-right-style:none; border-right-width:medium; border-top-style:none; border-top-width:medium" height="55">
        <!--webbot bot="PurpleText" preview="This space can be used to place some information that is useful to you (i.e.-Weather, News Headlines, etc.)" -->
        <p>Bloomsburg, PA - Sunny <br>
        High: 73 , Low: 44 degrees</p>

and here is the website address

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You need a server-side langage (ruby, php, asp, aspx, .net, cgi) to update the weather.
Or you can have someone else host it and include a little javascript tag that will update a certain div with the weather when the page loads.
Your just typing as you would without change, you need something to update it.
Try this widget http://www.showmyweather.com/share/us/pennsylvania/bloomsburg/, it looks pretty clean. Just copy+paste the javscript/html it produces to your webpage for dynamic weather.

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