Sorry, I know this is probably the wrong forum, however, it's the closet one I could find...

I use Dreamweaver, and I've been having a problem here lately. I have a testing server and remote server. The testing server is a subdomain that I set up. However, every time I want to publish to the remote (production) server, it won't do it. It will only upload to the testing server.

Under manage site I have it set up the two servers set up separately in their corresponding location..

I have tried two ways to publish to the production server, one by using "Put" and the second by save to remote server.

What am I missing here?

I Define 2 sites for this task instead of 1: mainsite & testsite. Then I set both sites to the same local folder.

Doing it this way there is no to fill in the testing server info in Dreamweaver; I just fill in the local and remote.

This allows me to right click and put the file(s) &/or folder(s) to either mainsite or testsite by simply toggling between them with the drop down in the files pallet. I can also 'save to remote server', but I tend to favor 'put' as it seems fifty times faster on every site I've worked on.

Let me know what version you are using & server type/info if the above doesn't work :)