The internal links doesn't work with Firefox.

At top:

<div class="espai_gran centrar">
	<a href="/enlaces.php#enlace0">Asociaciones</a><span class="text"> | </span>
	<a href="/enlaces.php#enlace1">Blogs de Interés</a><span class="text"> | </span>
	<a href="/enlaces.php#enlace2">Marcas</a><span class="text"> | </span>
	<a href="/enlaces.php#enlace3">Restaurantes</a>

And behind:

<div id="resultats">
	<a name="enlace0"></a>

	<a name="enlace1"></a>
	<h3><b>Blogs de Interés</b></h3>

	<a name="enlace2"></a>

	<a name="enlace3"></a>


Has someone an idea?

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I use the following on my site and works great

<div align="center"><a href="#sizing">Sizing</a></div>

This links to

<div align="center"><strong><a name="sizing" id="sizing"></a>Sizing</strong></div>

So you need to change yours to

<p><a href="#enlace1">Blogs de Interés</a><span class="text"> | </span>    </p>

Linking to

<a name="enlace1"></a>
<h3><b>Blogs de Interés</b></h3>

and it will work


I wouldnt approach it in the same manner you doing it. I'd simply do it as follows by adding an id to each h3 heading within the document,

<b id="enlace0">Asociaciones</b> ...

<b id="enlace1">Blogs de Interés</b>

Make sense?

Thank you macneato, I used your code and... it's working!

I put the "id" in the B tag.

I don't understand why, but it's working.
Thank you again.

Can do in ie

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