Remove Splash Page
I'm helping a friend with this site:
Google analytics says she's getting a 25% bounce rate on the page, so we want to delete it and substitute the page you get when you click "Enter".
I thought it would be as simple as removing index.php and renaming index2.php as index.php, but apparently not.
I have a lot of HTML sites, but I don 't know much about Php, obviously.
How do I go about this?

This script is causing the splash page to appear. How do I disable it, and where is it coming from?
<div id="enter">
<h2>Celia Pearson <span>Photographer</span></h2>
<p>Thank you for your consideration and respect.<br />
All photographs appearing in this website are the property of Celia Pearson<br />

and are protected under United States and International copyright laws.<br />
&copy; 2009 Celia Pearson. All rights reserved.</p>
<h3><a href="javascript:Effect.toggle('enter','appear');">Enter</a></h3>

I'd sure like to get this solved.
Should this be in a different forum?

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