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I would be happy to help you develop a logo for your new social network.

Can you tell me a little bit more about what you need? What does "House Management" refer to?


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Hi Linda!
I suggest you to talk about it in Skype. I send you a message.


Some of points which I have described form my experience for logo designing are listed below.Well I think that these will helps you a lot.

Work with vectors
Adapt it for dark backgrounds
Don’t include photos in your logo
Establish your own logo design process
Choose your Colors Wisely
Keep your Products and Services in Mind


I just saw your posting regarding the requirement for the logo design we are predominately into designing logo.... Please be free to contact us at [snipped]

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Please be advised that this is not the place to request work for hire or to offer services for such. The proper place for such exchanges is the Business Exchange forums.

If the discussion cannot be kept to a technical discussion nature, I will close the thread.


Hi all, placing social media logos in your website will give you the additional inspiration to both viewers and you. Viewers can easily share your articles. For logos better you design your own. just take some few examples from Google and try to design own. :)

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