I have a small flash program that after running opens a powerpoint doc (using a .bat file).
However sometimes it just doesn't work, and sometimes it just does, my PC is a bit old (over 5 yrs) and I am working on XP on a network.
I've tried it on other PC's, and have the same problem, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
Has anyone else experienced this problem of sometimes it working and sometimes it not.
It seems once I do get it to work, by just keeping trying it, it will work ok from then on.
Any ideas advice, it is costing me a lot of time, and users aren't that impressed!!

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what code have you used in that flash object for opening that.

PowerPoint Templates come packaged as either .zip files or self-extracting .exe files (developers are migrating to only .zip files). Once the files are extracted, the customer will find a .pot file included. This is the PowerPoint Template file. Most users are accustomed to opening PowerPoint first and then navigating to the location of the .pot file, and then opening the .pot file from within PowerPoint. Other users (with PowerPoint closed) like to double-click on the .pot file to open the file and the program at the same time. This second option works correctly in a majority of cases, but does not work well for products that include Flash movies

Why not use the .bat file to start one, then the other.

i have sort of a simeler problem i cant open .bat filles with flash so far i only came acros the methode of fs command but it wont work i tried changing the publish settings from local to network but it wont open my.bat i use flash 8 proffesinall could it be because of the wrong flash??? i am losing sleep over this problem hehe. i use the folowing coment line in the action script

on (release) {
fscommand("exec", "mydoc.bat");

am i doing somthing wrong please help


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You will have to keep that BAT file into fscommand subdirectory.

what exacly do u meen by fs comand subderectory? how do i do this?

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Make a folder called fscomand in the directory where you have places your swf file. Place all the files for instance the BAT file in the fscomand folder which you want to opened by fscommand.

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