Hi all!!

I would like to design a customization site like the foolowing:




but I have no idea of how to even begin. :icon_confused:

What should I use Flash or Flex?
How it works?
Is the customization done by changing any values in something like an XML file?

Can somebody give me any hints or even point me to some tutorials or information sources where I can learn how to create something like that?

Any help is appreciated :icon_idea:

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Yes all these things should happen with Flash, AS2.0/AS3.0 Script, Animation, XML (as a simple database), PHP & SQL to use complex database and JavaScript.

Hi rajarajan07!

Thank you for your hint, it helped me to narrow down the problem just to flash :)

And do you know about any tutorial/s where I can find a solution for a similar design or where I can learn how to combine all of that things with flash?

Well, before coming here for answers I already tried that approach.
Because my knowledge and experience with flash is not that much I really need something more specific and related to this case.

Hope I can get information or a link to some tutorial that show how to create something similar to what I would like to create. :icon_rolleyes:

Thanks :)

You're after a complex answer which nobody will be able to answer for you. Nike site is not built by an amateur and incorporates many professional aspects of design/coding.

To start off Flash tutorials are your friend. Once you get Flash mastered then move onto the more advanced features.

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