I have a bunch of pictures I'm retouching/restoring. I have one, though, that has a bunch of red discoloring dots in quite a few places. As opposed to taking the spot healing tool for about an hour is there another more efficient way to go about this ? I was trying Color Range and the Magic Wand, but I'm not getting the results i want. Any suggestions? I've attached the original along with my results thus far to better help with you helping me.

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i) Locate the area with colors that you want
ii) Select marquee tool and select the portion (basically a small portion)
iii) Do not add any layers
iv) Press Ctrl+Alt and move the pointer it will get your area with your mouse pointer and place it on the dots.
v) without removing the mouse cilck, again repeat (iv) until you filled out all.

hope I understand! otherwise attach the screenshot.


Your best bet is to use the clone stamp tool. Simply select the clone stamp tool, hold down the "alt" key (on the keyboard), select a location on your image that you would like to copy (left click, that is), and then "paint" that copied location over your red dots.

To "paint" your copied location over the red dots, all you have to do (once you have pressed alt and clicked) is left click and presume to paint, as you would paint with the paint brush.

(Note: Please Make sure that your clone brush is set to a small size before you press alt+left click, like 3-10. Otherwise, you will wind up overpainting too much of your image).

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