Hello everyone,

I am trying to create a website banner with a google search integrated within the banner. I want to do something similar to what you see on this page and on sites like www.cnn.com. However I am totally new to webdesign and would like some advice/help on this subject. I see this feature around alot of webpages, but I just cant wrap my head around it.

Thanks in advance

Basically there is one image on that header, the CNN logo (and nav animations). Everything can be done via CSS. Just stretch the header 100% of the page and add a background color of red. The search is simply a text box with a button next to it. Since you're new to web development, I'd recommend searching online for some sort of PHP script to add the actual 'search' funtionality to the textbox.

That is a simple banner, you can do with anything flash, css or simply with html table. The Integerated google is nothing but a textbox in a column and functionality is written in that search button. Thats it!