Im making a website by designing in Photoshop and then slicing and pasting in to Dreamweaver.
My problem is; im trying to paste my slice in to Dreamweaver, instead of pasting right after the last slice it keeps going to the following line...:s

Any help would be appreciated.

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Well I designed site in Photoshop.
After defining site I started pasting the slices in to Dreamweaver.
The Header went in fine, the second slice went in fine and in correct position, however the third slice instead of going in after the previous slice goes to a seperate line.

<div id="container">
<div id="header"><img src="header.jpg" alt="Fusion Designz header" width="955" height="215" />
<div id="menubar"><img src="m1.jpg" alt="m1" width="304" height="53" /><img src="homebutton.jpg" alt="Home Button" width="77" height="53" /></div>


cant understand the problem, but maybe the ff could help

>> make sure you have sliced the images with the same height and width.

>> check your alignment -> center, align left or right

>> much better if you put your sliced images on a table inside a div layer


If the image is not the same height and witdth will that be an issue?
As they are not the same width.

I have checked alighnment.


I think I see what you're doing. You're pasting in a Nav Bar image directly into HTML, then you're trying to paste in a Home button ontop of that image via HTML also. You can't do that. Try setting the Nav Bar image in CSS, not in your HTML. Do the same for your home button image, that way they don't paste beside eachother.


Yes you have understood what what Iv been doing, however, I do want them to paste beside each other. But everytime I paste the Home button seems to go to a seperate line.


Thank you Thank you Thank you all
I have figured it out
When I made a new rule for the menubar div tag - I made the width as long as my previous image and not for the whole 955 px as it should have been

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