If a complete sits can be built in flash(S/W) what's need of a lot s of programming language.

guide me please.

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Well depends on how you are building, usually if you are developping in adobe flash, then you will need to know actionscript as well as basic animations to start working on your site, else, try google up something like Creating flash websites, and you'll end up with specific tutorials, as well as some flash builders to help develop

google the related information, and i think a professional book will help a lot.

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Learn flash AS2 or AS3

and dont forget text extension, screen reader aids for disabled, without which your flah site will be about invisible to search engines

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Flash sites still being made are they? I bug out at the first suggestion of flash. Yuck!

some people want their site to not be useable, no better way to make an unuseable site than to do it in flash

by satphone from wonderful outback queensland

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ARDAV. Check out my website link which is also developed in full flash.

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I have to say RJ, very nice - you're obviously very adept at what you do. I'm afraid it's horses for courses though. If I wasn't directed specifically to the site, I wouldn't have entered. Having said that, you've really streamlined the thing - no 'wait while it loads' nonsense.

I'm very visual person. Only flash sites can occupy my attention. When I try to remember of some good web site I wish to visit again I can remember only flash sites. But also, there is lot of garbage made in flash so I understand others who don't like flash.

You can learn from lynda tutorial site its train you professionally for flash.
But note that if your site is totally base on flash so is very difficult for you taking your site on search engine because google can't read flash file.

Google can read flash, especially xml imported in flash.
I make 90% websites in full flash and they are all on first page of google for some of their important keywords.

But I have also done some optimization in background of swf file in html

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