Searching for a new design for your website?????
NB:Excuse me experts,,This is only for beginners....

Some Tips.....

1.Make your page having some clean and siple look,,,consider the following
2.Make a body background that fits the whole screen and not scrollable...
3.Use javascript for fixing the background...
4.Use a floating page that is scrollable and semitransparent over the background..and
it should not fill the page,,it should leave some gap say 120px at both right and
5.Fill all your data on this floating layer,,,,if you manage to add a flash animation
as main banner at the topmost center..then it will be more attractive..
6.I recommend natural colors to use in your page,,,because it is a fact that
natural colors attracts us more and brings a relaxed fealing...
7.Use some flash animation that has natural sound to include some of the links,,it will
be more attractive...
8.Arrange your data in such a way that user should feel good.
9.Use short and presice language...
10.Change the background images daily....or atleast weekly....

Thank you....
Try this different way.....
Its your friend..
for any query,,,,I will be at rajesanthu@gmail.com

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i dont agree with number 10

changes background images daily might confuse some users. maybe a small image makeover every 6 months or so to give it a 'fresh look' but at the same time keep the same design so they feel comfortable.

you have to remember they are not there to figure things out, they want one click done. if they have to spend time figuring something out, they are on to the next one.


I agree with most of what you have to say, Raj, but also question the use of audio as an "autoload". Music is too subjective, and sound effects can be annoying.

I also doubt the need to change background or overall look as often as you recommend. On some pages for special effect, maybe, but not on the home page.

This is a simple example of much of what you recommend...



It may sound nit-picky, but I don't agree at all with number 2. I've used fixed images on several websites, and the problem I run into is screen resolution. So many people have different screen resolutions that you can never pick a picture that's going to show up the same on everyone's monitors. Either part of your image is going to get cut off or you're going to have an image that repeats at the bottom of the screen.

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