Making a layout in photoshop, splicing image...
How can you use a photoshop layout to benefit you in terms of SEO?

Other than image alt tags and url's of course.
Is this ALWAYS a bad idea?

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I don't think it's always a bad idea, but in general your site will not do well with SEO if it is just several spliced images.

The crawlers eat letters. The more letters on your site the longer they will stay around and play and realize how much fun they had at your site....unless of course, you stuff them, then they get sick and do not like your site as much. They need a balance.

Hmm. im hearing that stuffing is a bad idea. Ill have to think about this more. Thanks!

In SEO point of view, using spliced images in your website is not a good idea.

So, avoid making use of it.

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