I can not seem to figure out what I did wrong. I have been trying to build a website for a few weeks now. I have it looking good(Good is a relitive term)........I have been using Dreamweaver and everything looks good when I review it in Mozilla and IE8. Today I uploaded it to my website and there is alot of things missing, like the main Logo is gone and a few things are not layed out correctly on the home page. When I click on another page it seems my CSS is not linked to any of the other pages. I have been reading the code line by line and I can not seem to find an issues.

Any suggestions?

Let me know what you would like to see and I will post it.

Thanks for any help you can give.

did you upload the images for the logo and other missing stuff? They have to be uploaded as well. And if they were in a subdirectory (like "images") then you have to create that folder on the server and make sure you upload them into it.

The same thing applies to the css. That needs to be uploaded into a folder of the same name as you have on your home computer (if it's in a subdirectory)

The layout may well be affected by the missing images, so get that sorted first.

In each page there should be a link to the css file

Thank you for the response Tiggsy.
Yes I uploaded all subdirectories like images and the css. The main page looks good, it is missing a logo image but all other images look good. I have gone over the html and Css and everything looks like it links together. I have compared the html code with the main page with a few of the others pages and the css linking code is identical When I coated it in Dreamweaver all the images and ccs tags work and look great. I have taking the root folder and put it on another computer and it looks great. It is when I upload it to my website it loses something.

Well you didn't provide a link or code, so hard to guess at whats wrong. Can we have a link to your site?

I sort of figured out what was going on. It does not make since but all I did was replace the CSS connection code for all the pages with the same as the home page. The problem is that it was EXACTLY the same code. I placed both side by side in a text editor and no differences in code. I am thinking there were hidden characters or something. Now the css file is connected I Still do not have a logo on any of the pages but that is a small problem. I will figure it out. I want to thank you all for helping me with this.

There may be an invisible high bit in the original code, that makes it not work. I occasionally get this stuff, though rarely, as I code in gedit rather than Dreamweaver.

I can't reach the gallery and about pages at all.

Other than that, I can't see much wrong with the home page except that there's a typo in your Character of the Week: First Appeance: Omega Men #3 - June 1983 | 512 comments - presumably it should read Appearance.

Contacts page looks ok.

Would remove the latin from the resources, if I was you on the Contacts page.

I have not uploaded the Gallery or the About pages yet. I only uploaded the other pages to start working on the contact side and the fourm posts. Thank you for looking into the problem. as you can see I have alot of work still. it is a work in progress. Thanks Again

I think it's a good looking site.

It would be easier to maintain if you used a dynamic structure (php), including the parts of the page which are the same, eg the sidebars, logo, navigation and footer. This is nowhere near as hard as you no doubt think it is.

Can you make a suggestion on where to learn the basics. Easy is always nice. I am fumbling through coding this site now. What would I use to program php? I know absoultely nothing about PHP. any advice would be helpful.


http://www.htmldog.com is a great place to learn basics.

http://www.w3schools.com is another good one.

PHP is a different story. You can learn PHP at w3schools I know for sure, but you need to install a PHP server to test your code locally. WAMP for windows is free and easy all in one installation for PHP, MySQL, and Apache servers. MAMP and LAMP for linux/mac platforms.

http://php.net/ is a good learning resource for PHP.

This looks good for php: http://www.webmonkey.com/2010/02/php_tutorial_for_beginners/

I can recommend a couple of books that I used (still very occasionally for reference, as well): PHP and MySQL for dummies and PHP and MySQL for dynamic web sites - this last is in a new edition I see. I warn you to read them in that order as the second is aimed at programmers moving over (i think).

php is much easier than many other languages because it doesn't require you to specify the type of variable.

In other languages, you have to use one type for numbers, another type for strings (text), and you can't suddenly store a number in a string-variable or vice versa. php doesn't care. If you store a number as a string (eg you say

$thisvar = "2"

instead of

$thisvar = 2

) you can still add it to another variable and get a mathematical answer, rather than having the 2 stuck onto the end. Of course if you add 2 to "the baby" or some other actual string you won't get a sensible answer.

But you don't need to know much php to achieve what I suggested.

All you do is copy the bits of code for eg. the sidebar, the footer, the header and put them into separate files (I generally call them "sidebar.inc", "footer.inc" and "header.inc" and I store them in a special includes folder to avoid cluttering up the root).

To use them in a page,
1. change the name of the file from whatever.html to whatever.php
2. where you want to include a file do it like this:

<?php include "/includes/header.inc"; ?>

(assuming you have put the files into a folder called includes).
3. and that's it!

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