Alright I made some banners in Photoshop and saved them as gifs on a different computer, then copied them to a flash drive. I then copied them to my computer and theres is no preview and when i tried opening it in paint it says files curropted or format not sopported. I tried a different format like jpeg too.. I just dont get why this is happening. I apreciate all the help that you guys can offer.

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have you tried opening them after saving them but before transferring them to the flash drive?

Ya the images show and everything before i save it to the flash drive.

Try opening it with IE on the other computer.

Rt Click --> Open with --> select IE or Choose Programs from a list --> select IE

Ya that works with the other computer. Maybe the flash drive doesn't support images or somthing??

I've never encountered that before. Does the flash drive have problems with any other types of files?

Nope , i used it for website files and game patches and it worked fine. I dont get why the images arent formatted correctly.

Two possibilities:

- You didn't use the proper procedure to eject the flash drive when you put the images on it.

- The flash drive is designed for a Vista computer, and the other computer is XP or earlier.

I removed the flash drive safely. my computer is kind of older but it has xp. It must be the flash drive i will try it with a different one.

i got another idea. are you sure you've exported the images properly to *.gif files? cos what you describe happens when you take lets say image.psd file and rename it to image.gif.

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