Hey Everyone...

I have run a W3C test and one of my wordpress blog has a lot of errors & warning..
Now the point is that all my blogs are in php and the corrections from W3C come for html.
Can anybody tell me where exactly to go in my cpanel or blog to correct the errors & warning from w3c?

Thanks in advance...

You need to edit the actual php files.

Can you provide a link to your site? That way we can validate and see what the errors are.

Many times alot of errors come from javascript code, plugins, or code beyond your control.

One things is for sure, writing W3C perfect code is not always the correct way, only take those errors up if it's really like a huge error, like wrapping a <li> with a div, that kinda coding is invalid and needs to be fixed, but those errors will sometimes say, you do not have a alt="" on your image, so that's not really a big issue.

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