I am having a problem when a user zooms on one page of my website. When the zoom is set to 100% it looks fine, but when you zoom in or out, an image that I have on the page shifts around. To see what I mean, please go to the page I am referring to: http://www.newstylesignsusa.com/interior.html

The image is the big picture with a double border. Try zooming your page in or out, and you see that the image shifts around. I tried goving it

margin:0 auto;

which doe not help.

Any suggestions? Please help!! Thank you for your time!!

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The image in the double border isn't anchored to the mainWrapper div or info div - add


to one of them (you may have to experiment to see which one works) but that should then anchor the


to within the mainWrapper or info box.

Nice lower graphic and overall layout BTW - really shows you're a graphics oriented person.

thank you! This did the trick.
Thanks for your time.

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